Let’s Talk Fall: Cute, Comfy & Full

Let’s Talk Fall: Cute, Comfy & Full

Come on through Fall! It’s that time of season when your happy place is being wrapped in a cozy sweater, sipping on a hot (maybe even spiked) drink. And don’t even get us started on the pumpkin spice (only the latte… not the pie! We are team #Sweetpotato over here)!

And speaking of pie… sweaters aren't just good for keeping warm. They also cover up that little extra something, something we all get when temperatures start to fall.  Don’t act like you don’t know what we’re talking about! When that hibernation weather starts to creep in, there always seems to be a slice of something on standby. When you need something to camouflage those extra “layers”, check out our sweaters, jackets and even sweatsuits. You can be cute, comfy, and full!

Now that we’ve covered what to wear, let's get into the details.  Surprisingly, Fall 2021 has brought on a new trend of pastel colors. There are a lot of powder blues, soft yellows, and blush pinks. But don’t think diva red, army green and lady orange are taking a backseat. No ma’am! The traditional Fall colors are still strong but in different ways. Instead of mostly sweaters and cardigans, color pops are showing up in skirts, pants and shoes of various textures. 

You better know Oblyss Boutique will have all of the 2021 Fall colors and trends in our new Fall collection, so keep an eye out for the new arrivals!

Until next time, 

Stay Blyssful!

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